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Delivery Options

Trox-Box understands you want your container order as fast as possible! We work closely with local freight companies to get your containers out to you in a timely and reliable manner. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority!

We’ll Deliver Your Storage Containers!


Here are your options to get your shipping container delivered to your doorstep


Flatbed/Step Deck Delivery

If you have equipment available for delivery to unload, consider transporting on a flatbed or step deck trailer.  These are usually the most affordable ways to transport your cargo containers.

Tilt Bed Delivery

Want a container, but don’t have any equipment to unload one?  Ask for a quote on a tilt bed delivery, where the storage container gets set right on the ground!  Quick and simple!

Local Pick Up

If you want to save some money and haul your container yourself you’re welcome to! We have pickup locations available nationwide! All loading charges are included in the shipping container’s price!

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