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5 Alternative Uses for Shipping Containers


Shipping containers are durable and long-lasting tools that can be used for many purposes, from improving business efficiency to establishing your dream creative escape. They have been used as mobile offices, creative escapes, and recently even as small homes. Shipping containers have many features that include:


Characteristics of Shipping Containers

  • Multiple rooms.
  • Side-by-side connected units.
  • Multiple floors.
  • May require welders, electricians, depending on the scope of your plans.
  • Can last as long as a permanent structure.
  • Life expectancy of 15 to 20 years, can be more depending on care and conditions.


  1. Additions to Schools and Businesses

If your business needs multiple classrooms, floors, or buildings, mobile containers could be your best option for both price and ease of setup. Wholesale shipping containers offer a fundamentally easier way to establish a workspace wherever you want, and for much cheaper than most office spaces in larger buildings. The containers are durable and will last for years, and can be fitted with all types of floor plans and furniture. This gives them the ability to become the best classrooms on campus when added to your grounds.



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  1. Creative Outlet

A mobile office can allow you to simply have more focus and productivity with the task at hand, and to have a fresh take on the day’s work without being stuck in the same workspace for all of your projects. Whether it be for a music room, a planning and strategizing room, or simply an escape from work, a mobile shipping container office can become whatever space you intend for it. When you have a mobile office, time spent there is already wholly dedicated to working and getting things done. Whether it be for a professional spot for meetings and interviews, a mobile clerk’s office, or whatever you may dream up, a mobile freight container workspace is a modern way to save time and money while improving efficiency and creativity.


  1. Swimming Pool

If you’ve always dreamt of having your own backyard swimming pool, a shipping container could be the perfect solution. With no digging, permission, or major work required, using a shipping container as a pool is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add a pool to your property. 20ft and 40ft shipping container swimming pools can simply be dropped into place and filled up and ready to use. All you need to do is get out your swimsuit and enjoy the savings!


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  1. Pop-Up Shops

The size, shape, and sturdy nature of shipping containers make them ideal candidates for conversion into cool pop-up shops, bars, or cafes. The colorful Beany café bar built by Mr. Box shows how the normal shipping container can be completely transformed into something unique and special. Pop-ups are a great way to connect with your customers and add a personal touch to your relationship with them. Rather than spending money on more expensive setups, shipping containers give you more creative freedom at a fraction of the price.


Shipping containers provide a wealth of benefits for companies needing to transport their essential products all across the country, but beyond their original purpose, shipping containers are now being utilized by a variety of companies and creative individuals in fascinating new ways. They are helping businessmen and women across the world set up their workspaces how they want, and allowing them to do it easily and affordably.