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The shipping container industry has a large amount of second-hand shipping containers available for public purchase that has not yet been utilized. This is great for business owners and families who may have unique and individual storage requirements. Whether you are looking to set up a private workspace or have a more unique view in mind, there are some considerations to take into account before making the purchase.

If you want to store your vintage cars or parts for your not-so-vintage farm tractor, there are different containers out there to facilitate this process.


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Understanding the Types of Shipping Containers

With many varieties of shipping containers available, there are three main factors involved in making the correct purchase decision related to shipping containers.

Question 1: What are you intending to store?

It is important to understand the container grading system and which one is the most suitable for the materials you intend to store. The container grading system goes from A-C, with A being the highest quality and most versatile of the different types of containers. These grades help to ensure your goods aren’t stored in a container that allows exposure to any elements.

The grades below give you an understanding of what the second-hand shipping containers are like in each grade and give examples of items that can be stored in them.

A Grade: These containers are good quality, have a clean interior, and have the door seals perfectly intact. They will be fully welded, vermin proof, and also wind and watertight. These containers are between 8 – 12 years of age. Suitable for furniture storage, office archives, books, and antiques.

B Grade:  B grade containers come in the average quality, and may have minor surface rust. The door seals should be intact, fully welded, and also wind and watertight like A grade containers. They are between 10-14 years of age and suitable for garden sheds, tools, boxes, motor vehicles, and any other items that require secure storage.

C Grade:  Will be fair quality, with some possible dents and surface rust. These containers are not always wind and water tight and will be between 10-14 years of age. They are most suitable for farm stock, tractors, slashers, building materials, or car parts.


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Question 2: How much storage space do you need?

10, 20, or 40ft standard (2.7m) or high cube (2.9m) containers are the most common sizes. The most commonly used size is between the 20 and 40ft long. 

Question 3: How much are you willing to spend?

When trying to decide between shipping containers, your budget will always be a major factor behind your final decision. Keep in mind what you are trying to store, and whether or not the price drop between grades is worth the quality sacrifice for your storage needs.

The below pricing indicators are for a standard 20ft second-hand shipping containers for sale in various grades:

  • A Grade (Painted)       : $2700 + GST
  • A Grade                       : $2500 + GST
  • B Grade                       : $2300 + GST
  • C Grade                       : $2100 + GST

Pricing will fluctuate depending on the size of the container you are considering to purchase. Storage containers are great assets for businesses and personal projects, and no matter the purpose, can almost always help slash the total cost of the project at hand. Don’t pass on your opportunity to establish a truly unique space for an unbeatable price!