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3 Reasons You Should Have A Mobile Office

A growing business often requires travel and mobility to meet the demands of new relationships and scaling. If you have been struggling to stay organized on the go and need a workspace that goes where you do, a storage container mobile office may be your solution. Built with high-quality materials and available with up to 40 feet of space, having a mobile office made out of conex box exterior offers you a private and comfortable workspace option.

Careers On The Go

According to Forbes.com, it is estimated that freelance and mobile careers will grow exponentially by the year 2025. Whether you work in tech, construction, a mobile production business, or are simply looking to add an art studio to your home, repurposing an old shipping container is a quick fix.

The allure of being your own boss and creating your own schedule has prompted many to attempt leaving the corporate office. But, as with most entrepreneurial journeys, working from home doesn’t come without distractions. Getting your own “job box” can give you a mobile office space to dedicate to being productive and motivated.

Consisting of a simple cargo container, these mobile offices are fully customizable and can be easily provided as a mock office at wholesale prices. These conex containers are efficient, affordable, and easy to setup, making it easier to be productive on the go. These freight containers move with you, and allow you to be productive and have a working escape no matter where your work takes you.

1. Decrease Distractions

A mobile office is perfect for those who need to focus on their work solely, and have a hard time dealing with household and office distractions. Only the essential and necessary tools are at your disposal. With no ability to throw darts at the dart board, flip through magazines, or play with widgets on your desk, a mobile office ensures there are no distractions to get in the way of your creative work.

2. Improve Your Work-Life Balance

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When you have an office, your work and non-work life are wholly separated. While that might be good for those who don’t like their jobs, if you’re actually passionate about what you do to pay the bills then your work is part of your life. A huge upside of a mobile office is that it lets you better balance your work and non-work time.

Instead of overworking yourself in spaces that you may grow tired of or become easily distracted in, have the option to integrate work time into your daily schedule having a work escape. You don’t have to sacrifice going to your office to work if there were other things you wanted to do that day. Or vice versa, you don’t have to go to your office and sacrifice any other activities that day. Your office can always be there for you.

3. Collaborate Easier

If your work requires you to collaborate in a way that goes further than email, then a mobile office gives you this space for in-person meetings. A collaboration that may be more difficult at your home or office building can be solved inexpensively by creating a mobile office space using a shipping container.

Assuming you can meet up in person with your partners, then most people would agree that having people in front of the same screen beats the phone or Skype. And all that’s needed is your mobile office and a quick trip to meet up. Simply pull out your laptop and get to work with the people you collaborate with.

You often see this at cafes and shared workspaces. A mobile office is something everyone would love to have. Why stay separated and chat when they can easily meet up in person and get work done more effectively?

Creating your own perfect mobile office will help you work smarter, not harder.

3.1 BONUS – Go Green

When you repurpose a shipping container into a mobile office, you are doing something great for the environment. Taking something that would ultimately end up in a shipyard rotting away into a working space that will have years of utility. It is absolutely a win-win!